How do I unpack and set up the mattress?

Unbox your WHISPER mattress. Place it on the sleeping surface. While ensuring not to cut the mattress fabric, cut the plastic wrap off and let the mattress unroll. Remove the plastic cover and let your WHISPER settle for a few hours to grow to its full size.

How does the WHISPER pillow fit back in its travel bag?

Place the WHISPER pillow on a flat surface, with the short side facing you, roll it while applying some downward pressure and then slide it back into the travel pouch.

Does the WHISPER mattress need a box spring foundation?

No. Your WHISPER mattress can be used on any flat surface or foundation, whether it be the floor, a box spring, a slatted foundation or an adjustable bed frame. We do however recommend to use it on a slatted foundation as that increases air flow and breathability.

How do I adjust the comfort of my mattress?

Find the zipper at the head of the mattress and unzip the entire top cover (which also has the Quantum foam inside). Now, you will see the DNA core inside which is covered by a white fabric. The WHISPER mattress comes with the soft side up by default. If this setting is too soft for you, than you just need to flip the DNA core, which has a firmer green foam on the bottom. With the green foam now facing up, zip up the cover again, and voilà, your WHISPER mattress is now firmer.

How do I adjust the height of the WHISPER pillow?

Unzip the cover, and remove the pillow core inside. Remove the core cover and access the two inner cores. You can flip or remove the lower core to adjust the height to your preference. Zip it back up and enjoy better sleep. You can also watch our instructional video here.

How do I clean the top cover of my mattress?

Find the zipper at the head of the mattress, and unzip the entire top cover (which also has the Quantum foam inside). Now, find the second zipper on the cover you just removed, unzip it, remove the Quantum foam inside and wash the cover in your washing machine at 30°C. Make sure you do not wash the Quantum foam as it is not washable, and make sure not to exceed 30°C when you wash the cover as that will shrink the fabric. Do not dry clean!

Can I wash other parts of the WHISPER mattress?

No. Only the top fabric is washable at 30°C. All other components of the WHISPER mattress, the foundation fabric (blue one), DNA core, and Quantum foam are NOT washable.

How do I clean the pillow cover?

Unzip the cover, and remove the pillow core inside. Wash only the fabric cover, and not the foam core of the pillow. Make sure to wash the cover at 30°C and not higher as that will shrink the fabric. Do not dry clean!

How does the Silver Shield (electro-magnetic wave protection) work?

Your WHISPER mattress is equipped with technology that can protect you from harmful electromagnetic (EMF) waves produced by electronics around your bed such as your phones, computers, TVs, table lamps, etc. Activate the Silver Shield to produce a protected zone around your mattress that prevents EMF waves from entering your sleeping area.

The WHISPER mattress has an exclusive blend of high quality fabrics woven together with silver thread. To take full advantage of its ability to ground you, please make sure the ground wire and plug included with the mattress are properly connected to the mattress and an outlet close to your bed.

Properly grounding this mattress will provide you with numerous health benefits by protecting you from harmful electromagnetic waves, allowing you to sleep better, feel healthier, and feel happier.

Can the Silver Shield electrocute me?

Absolutely NOT! The cable included with the mattress only has the grounding (earth) pin activated. The neutral and live pins are made of plastic and are NOT activated. The WHISPER mattress is not an electrical appliance and only uses the grounding or earth feature of an electrical outlet.

Do I need to do something to activate the silver in the fabric to protect me from bacteria, dust mites and unpleasant odors?

No. Silver ionizes completely naturally and you can enjoy its benefits even after washing the fabric cover up to 20 times.

What kind of sheets should I use for my WHISPER mattress and pillow?

Not all sheets are breathable, and many synthetic sheets will make your bed unbreathable, hot, and sweaty. For best results, use only 100% natural fabric sheets made of cotton, silk, or other 100% natural fabrics.

Do I need to flip the bed every so often?

No. The WHISPER mattress is designed to be durable and not to sink in. It is backed by a 12 year warranty and does not need to be flipped or rotated.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash on delivery (COD) at a fee of AED 10, VISA or MasterCard on delivery, and online VISA and MasterCard payments through our Payment Gateway Partner, PayFort International FZ LLC

Do you offer a financing program?


If you choose to pay by credit card through our online Payment Gateway provider, Payfort International FZ LLC, than you may opt for the “Installments” option. Refer to their terms and conditions at the checkout and payment stage of your order.

If you choose to pay by credit card on delivery, you may also pay in installments. Our banking partner, Mashreq Bank, offers 3, 6, 9, and 12 month payment options at a rate of 1% (for 3, and 6 month payments), and at a rate of 3% (for 9, and 12 month payments).

Can I come to try the product at your showroom?

Yes. Stop by our location in Dubai Investment Park and have a nap at any time. Coffee and soft drinks are on us.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. You can view our return policy details here: https://whisper-sleep.ae/return-policy/