Original Mattress

  • b-2cm-height
    28 CM
  • b-5layers
    6 LAYERS
  • b-2cm
  • b-plus


  • open-cell-adaptive-foam

    Unlike traditional memory foam, we use open cell foams which allow heat and sweat to escape.

  • air-channel-ventilation

    Air channels to drive out excess heat and sweat to keep you dry and cozy.

  • temperature-control

    Our fabric is thermo-regulating; it cools you down when it’s hot and retains heat when it’s cold.

  • breathable

    Fabric and foams that are completely breathable, ensuring enough ventilation throughout the night.

  • infused-with-sliver-yarn-white
    Woven with silver yarn

    We use real silver, which naturally ionizes and prevents bacteria, dust mites and bad smells.

  • removable-washable-white
    Removable and washable cover

    Unzip the fabric, and wash it at home in case you like to spill coffee all over your bed.

  • anti-bacteria-white

    99.99% free of bacteria, and dust mites; preventing signs of allergies, and congestion

  • no-glue-composition-white
    No glue composition

    Made completely without glue, to ensure dust mites cannot find a home in your bed.

The Whisper Mattress

The only mattress that adjusts to your DNA for the comfort you deserve. Wake up with a smile, every day.

Super Soft High Tech Fabric Cover
Super Soft High Tech Fabric Cover

Super soft to the touch and woven with real silver yarn, the WHISPER high tech fabric allows your body to get rid of excess heat and sweat while the silver yarn prevents the buildup of bacteria, dust mites, and unpleasant odors. The fabric is made to be flexible to conform to your body while remaining extremely durable to be enjoyed for many years. The cover is removable and washable.

The Quantum Foam
The Quantum Foam

Unlike traditional memory foam, the WHISPER Quantum foam has an open-cell construction that makes it breathable and prevents you from getting too hot and sweaty at night. The foam itself is also formulated with real silver particles that provide a 99.99% bacteria free sleep environment while scaring away dust mites and unpleasant odors. The Quantum foam is highly sensitive and responsive, improving blood circulation to your arms and legs while preventing antsy tingles.

The DNA Core
The DNA Core

Our DNA core was designed to offer more support where your body needs it (hips and shoulders) and less where it doesn’t, keeping your spine aligned and letting you wake up with less pains and aches. With its many air channels and open-cell foams, the DNA core ensures breathability, allowing excess heat and sweat to escape. The DNA core is composed of two different foams, one soft and one firm, which can be flipped to adjust to your individual comfort setting. Our larger mattresses contain two separate DNA cores so partners can adjust their own side independently of one another.

The Silver Shield
The Silver Shield

Integrated into the foundation fabric of the WHISPER mattress is the Silver Shield. The WHISPER mattress includes a grounding cable that can be attached to the mattress and plugged into an outlet next to your bed to create an invisible shield above that prevents any electromagnetic (EMF) waves from entering your sleeping area. Electronics such as TVs, phones, and computers emit harmful EMF waves that interfere with your brain waves and prevent you from getting deep restful sleep.

The Foundation Fabric
The Foundation Fabric

Made from a mix of breathable 3D mesh textiles, the foundation fabric ensures breathability while tightly embracing the core of the mattress to provide edge to edge support.



  • variable-support
    Targeted Support

    More support where you need it (hips and shoulders) and less where you don’t, keeping your spine aligned.

  • Adjust Yourself

    Soft, or firm, you get to choose. Unzip the top, flip the DNA core, and choose what fits you better.

  • pressure-relief
    Pressure Relief

    Highly sensitive and responsive Quantum foam layer improves your blood circulation, and cradles your pressure points.

  • Dual Comfort
    Dual Comfort

    Two separate DNA cores so sleeping partners can adjust their own side independently of one another.


The WHISPER mattress contains a special feature, the Silver Shield. Included with the mattress is a grounding cable that can be attached to the mattress and plugged into any outlet next to your bed to create an invisible shield above that prevents any EMF waves from entering your sleeping area.

Electronics next to your bed such as TVs, phones, and computers emit harmful electromagnetic (EMF) waves that interfere with your brain waves and prevent you from getting deep restful sleep. That’s why, Silver Shield!

Slatted Foundation

Slatted Foundation


Solid Box

Box Spring

Box Spring

Adjustable Frame

Adjustable Frame


Do I need to flip the bed every so often?

No. The WHISPER mattress is designed to be durable and not to sink in. It is backed by a 12 year warranty and does not need to be flipped or rotated.

Does the WHISPER mattress need a box spring foundation?

No. Your WHISPER mattress can be used on any flat surface or foundation, whether it be the floor, a box spring, a slatted foundation or an adjustable bed frame. We do however recommend to use it on a slatted foundation as that increases air flow and breathability.

How do I adjust the comfort of my WHISPER mattress?

Find the zipper at the head of the mattress, and unzip the entire top cover (which also has the Quantum foam inside). Now, you will see the DNA core inside which is covered by a white fabric. The WHISPER mattress comes with the soft side up by default. If this setting is too soft for you, than you just need to flip the DNA core, which has a firmer green foam on the bottom. With the green foam now facing up, zip up the cover again, and voila, your WHISPER mattress is now firmer.

Is Quantum Foam the same as Memory foam?

Quantum foam is similar to memory foam as it is also hyper sensitive and adapts to the shape of your body to cradle your pressure points. However, unlike memory foam, Quantum foam is an open-cell foam that is breathable and ensure that you do not get too hot at night. The heat and sweat your body naturally produces is allowed to escape through the ventilation channels and keep you cozy.

Can the Silver Shield electrocute me?

Absolutely NOT! The cable included with the mattress only has the grounding (earth) pin activated. The neutral and live pins are made of plastic and are NOT activated. The WHISPER mattress is not an electrical appliance and only uses the grounding or earth feature of an electrical outlet in order to create the protection from EMF waves.

What kind of sheets should I use for my WHISPER mattress?

Not all sheets are breathable, and many synthetic sheets will make your bed unbreathable, hot and sweaty. Ensure to you use only 100% natural fabric sheets made of cotton, silk or other 100% natural fabrics to enjoy the benefits of not sleeping hot and sweaty.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. You can view our return policy here: https://whisper-sleep.ae/return-policy/