Our Top Tips for Reducing Stress Through Sleep

It’s hardly breaking news that nowadays, we are all victims of a monotonous routine that we have created for ourselves. It’s a world where we forget what really matters while we are striving to do our best for a better life. Waking up every day for a 9-5 job just to afford that holiday you promised the kids in the Seychelles. In the 21st century, we experience a great amount of anxiety and stress issues, which can be pinned down to many factors and can end up taking over our lives, sometimes without us even noticing. Whether it’s social, personal or work-related pressures, we aim to perfect each aspect of our lives and consequently neglect something which should be so precious and cared for, our health.

Even though stress is actually a normal part of life, it does not mean we should let it be the norm and just move forward carrying this undesirable burden. Some of you might be able to look at stress in a positive way and welcome it at times. Especially when you are looking to complete your senior dissertation and you know you work best under pressure, or it simply gives you the motivation you need to get that promotion. However, stress can cause detrimental health effects, starting with reducing the quality and amount of sleep, losing focus in day to day activities, depression, loss of appetite, and so on. Statistically speaking, over 70% of people in the west are victims of stress. Hence, it is a topic which must indeed be looked into further, beginning with how it may affect your much-needed sleep.

The link between Stress and Sleep         

It’s what makes you regret ever leaving college and getting into the real world. Getting a job is without a doubt not easy, especially when you are trying to balance a partner, family, fitness, and sleep. The type and nature of your job can be the greatest cause of stress in your life. Of course, work pressure is not the only aspect resulting in stress in our daily life; personal struggles and social expectations are also guilty of causing the unwanted tensions. It is debatable, does stress cause lack of sleep or does lack of sleep cause stress? Both arguments can be very strongly backed up by research, theories and even real-life experiments. However, the whole point is that sleep is strongly linked with stress and this article intends to specifically shed light on how good quality sleep can greatly improve the overwhelming stress levels.

How many readers today can confidently say they have started their day waking up from a blissful 7-8 hour sleep? Very few I must assume. Sleep difficulties and more severe cases of sleep disorders are becoming more common. A good night’s sleep may diminish due to already present stress, uncomfortable sleeping environments, night sweats, respiratory issues, and much more! Never underestimate a good night’s rest as it can do wonders in reducing the amount of stress you feel on a day to day basis.

How exactly does a lack of good sleep contribute to stress you ask? These two are very closely connected in terms of your motivation, mood, memory, and judgment. Stayed up late last night to cram for an important exam? Yes, that was a bad idea as you might have realized later. Poor sleep is known to negatively affect your overall performance. It can be noticed when you’re trying to use your photographic memory to remember a certain paragraph for that exam, or simply puts you in an upsetting mood which moreover leads to stress and probably poor decision-making as well. Speaking statistically, again, individuals with continuous poor sleep records increase the risk of developing anxiety or depression later in life. Furthermore, approximately 21 percent of adults have further reported to feel more stressed when they do not get enough sleep.

So, how can we ensure we are getting those high-quality hours of extra sleep at night? We’ve got a game changer to show you! Don’t underestimate the ability of something as simple as the surface you sleep on to get yourself a blissful sleep each night to reduce your high-stress levels. Your mattress can be intelligently designed to get you that deep sleep you crave. The WHISPER mattress, for example, is one of a kind!

Ever been deprived of proper sleep due to immense back pain? WHISPER provides the ability to adjust your comfort to fix the pain. A soft side and a firm side, medically tested to ease backaches and ensure proper spine alignment for a more blissful night. For the light sleepers, be assured you won’t wake up in the middle of the night due to your partner being restless as the Quantum Foam used to produce the mattress, decreases motion transfer and is highly responsive to stop any bodily cramps by improving blood circulation during the course of your sleep to wake up refreshed and feeling less stressed.

It doesn’t stop there! Hot sweats and flashes are surprisingly common in the population which can cause a bothersome sleeping experience. This is easily overcome with WHISPER’s open cell adaptive foam which makes the mattress breathable and well ventilated, increasing heat dissipation and allowing you to stay cool. Whisper’s thermo-regulating fabric helps you beat night sweats by eliminating all chances of your mattress getting too warm.

You just can’t go wrong with WHISPER when it comes to putting a foot on the right path to a more relaxed lifestyle. More deep sleep, which reduces stress levels and increases your energy for the day’s adventures.

Looking for other ways to improve the quality of your sleep?
1. Try turning off all electronics in your room!

Turn off your devices to stop EMF (electromagnetic) waves from interfering with your brain waves as you try to sleep peacefully. WHISPER actually has a great feature known as the Silver Shield to create a barrier between you and all the harmful waves emitted.

2. Exercise!

This cannot be stressed enough. It is proven that exercise does not only produce happy hormones in the body but can help lift your mood and release stress which in turn contribute to a blissful sleep during the night.

3. Stop eating!

Cut back on all the tasty foods you guiltily munch on before bed! Rest your body with eating smaller portions and less carbs to give a break to your digestive system to further calm and ease your body. Also, beware of sipping on an alcoholic drink two hours or so before bed as a nice glass of wine does not always necessarily give you a good night’s rest.

4. Make your room comfy

Perfect your room environment by setting a comforting temperature, relaxing ambiance and eliminate noise for a cloud nine sleeping experience.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As we already know by now, sometimes no matter how much we try, it is not always possible to get ourselves to indulge in 8-hours of proper sleep. We might not be used to it as our body is already programmed to survive on 5 hours or it might simply be due to not having enough time in the day because of the hectic and jam-packed lives we lead. Nonetheless, there are always other things you can try out which are more personal to you.


I know, so cliché, but trust me it might as well be your heavenly fix! Take at least 15 minutes of your day and sit in a beautiful place to do some yoga or meditate to help empty your mind of all the negativity you have been feeding yourself throughout the day. Take a silent look around the beautiful world we live in and the beautiful world you can create it to be! Think happy thoughts, the power of positivity is no joke!

Speak to someone.

Whether a friend, sister, brother, mother, colleague, etc. Sometimes if you just verbally vent out all that has been on the top of your worry list, it will help you more than you ever imagined. You might as well realize your problems aren’t really the biggest out there, or even better, you might find out that you were never alone in whatever you might be going through.

Hug it out!

Hugs, kisses and all other physical acts increase oxytocin levels in our body which is a hormone that reduces blood pressure and in turn helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. Who knew?

The next time you find yourself panicking and under immense stress, give the points listed a try and be sure not to forget to click below to view the WHISPER mattress.