Everything There Is to Know About Thick Mattresses

Mattresses vary in size, from twin to California king, but mattresses can also vary in height or thickness. When looking at mattresses, you can find many in all kinds of thicknesses. They can be as thin as 20 centimeters, or even as thick as 45 cm. So, in what ways does that thickness of a mattress play a part in the user experience? Read on to find this out and more.

The factors that come with choosing a mattress include how much you are willing to spend, the firmness, and size. To be frank, the thickness of a mattress does not indicate its quality, or lack thereof, but it can indicate whether or not it will take kindly to your body type.

Reasons to Get A Thick Mattress

If you have a large or heavy body, a thicker mattress is more ideal for you. If you have a thin mattress and your body sinks alarmingly low, you should get a thicker mattress online Dubai right away. A thicker mattress can offer you more support, improved pressure relief, and minimal chance of bottoming out.

Another reason to consider a thicker mattress is if it will allow you to get in and out of bed more easily. If you find that your current bed is too low due to either a thin mattress or a low bed frame, a thicker mattress can give you more elevation, thus more support while you motion to get into or out of bed. You won’t have to squat far down or risk falling onto the mattress in order to get onto it at night, which could certainly cause hardship to you or your mattress, respectively.

About your bed, the style of it often determines what kind of mattress you need. If your bed has a low platform, a high headboard, or a “four-poster” or “royal” bed, you will need a thick mattress that can best accommodate it.

Reasons NOT to Get A Thick Mattress

There are many reasons in which a thick mattress may not be a good idea, thus you would be better off choosing a mattress that is thinner. The first reason is that some sleepers may not enjoy the heft that a thick mattress brings. Thick mattresses weigh much more than thinner mattresses, and this is more apparent when the mattress needs to be moved. A thick mattress not only occupies more space when trying to maneuver it, but it will also be heavier to handle.

A thick mattress, again, depending on your overall bed, can make it difficult for you to get into it. With a thicker mattress, your bed will become higher overall, and if too high, you will have to climb up in order to get on top of the mattress. If you are short or have difficulties with mobility, a thicker mattress is not ideal if it makes your bed higher than you need it to be.

Lastly, a thick mattress will also be a costly one. These mattresses cost more money because they have additional layers that make them thick, as well as more of existing layers found in thinner mattresses. If you have a budget for a mattress you are looking to buy, you might happen to be looking for a thin mattress for one you can afford.


Mattresses can vary in height or thickness, and there are reasons to either consider a thick mattress or not at all. Thick mattresses come with more layers, more support, and additional height to your current bed. They will also cost more money compared to thinner mattresses.