How to Reduce Sweating and Keep Cool at Night!

It is a given, you have probably woken up a few times in your life in the middle of the night or after a good night’s sleep to find yourself feeling as if you have just left the sauna after a hectic day at work. Or you probably just had a hypnic jerk and woke up heavily breathing, running for your life before some one-eyed beast comes after you in one of your widely imaginative dreams. Whatever reason might first hit your mind as to why your bed sheets and pajamas are drenched in our body’s lovely mechanism of excreting moisture and toxins, it can be due to multiple reasons which can be easily overcome to beat the excessive nightly sweat that can be detrimental to your sleep pattern. Night sweats are not a common headline you see on each health section of the news, but it ought to be talked about keeping in mind that a surprisingly great portion of the population does experience them.

With all the pleasant benefits that perspiration offers such as; boosting endorphins, detoxifying the body, fighting body bacteria, etc., it’s something you might least expect to happen when you are blissfully asleep. Numerous reasons can be pinned down when evaluating the causes; some might be medically linked (high fever, anxiety disorders, menopause…) or some are simply due to your choice of sleepwear, bedroom temperature or even your choice of mattress and bed cover. Occurring in both men and women, adults and children, night sweats when not medically linked can be easily avoided and overcome with simple changes to your sleeping style to eliminate the annoying feel of sticky wetness, especially after you are nice and clean after your well needed night shower. Have a read about some simple yet effective tips to prevent heavy sweating at night:

1. Stay cool at night!

We all have that friend that is always feeling cold, as we also have that friend that is always feeling hot no matter how cool the environment might be. This might be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook it – if you are the latter, you might want to lower the temperature of your bedroom just a bit below the regular temperature you usually set it to. Remember the optimal room temperature for your sleep is between 20C and 22C. This helps to avoid your natural gift of excessive body heat, which some people might yearn for, to stop you from heavily sweating. Keep in mind to also go for lighter and looser material in regards to your nightwear as well as having a light, and natural, bed cover to help you stay even cooler during the night and greatly decrease the chances of waking up sweaty.

2. Watch your night cravings.

Be careful of what you like to munch on before bed. Spicy foods, for example, are known to keep your body temperature high which leads to more unbearable night sweats. Other foods or drinks to stay away from are usually caffeinated, acidic or even processed ones. All of these have hormonal triggers to keep your heart pumping and raise the likelihood of night sweating. It is also preferable to not have anything to eat at least two hours before you sleep to give your body some rest and calm. Remember, keep your dinners small and fun sized!

3. Ease up on your alcohol and tobacco intake.

It’s long been debated whether a nice glass of wine is the perfect setup to a good night’s sleep, but both alcohol and tobacco are proven to keep your heart pumping increasing your body temperature to make night sweats worse. They have an effect on hormonal balance which in turn puts them on the list of stuff to avoid if you are planning on a good night’s rest.

4. Take a break.

We cannot stress this enough! Speaking of stress, which may just be the biggest culprit to worsening night sweats, due to an increase of heart and brain activity which is usually from the anxiety accompanying stress, it needs to be significantly reduced if you want to overcome your nightly sweats. Every other person in today’s world is a victim of stress, but there are many effective ways to feel more at ease such as exercise, meditating, spending some alone time, yoga, etc. Take some time out of your day to do any one of these and your body will thank you for the more peaceful and less sweaty sleep that will come after it.

5. Your choice of mattress.

Yes! It might have never crossed your mind, but the mattress you sleep on can play a massive role in terms of the quality of your sleep, especially when it comes to keeping you cool at night. The materials, mattress structure, and even shape can greatly contribute to just how warm you are feeling during the night. Regular mattresses are usually made out of memory foam which contains synthetic materials that can’t properly regulate temperature and absorb and trap heat and sweat, hence leading to excessive sweating at night. Memory foam mattresses mold to your body shape to give you that cozy well-fitting feel in bed, but the closed cell nature of memory foam is what creates intense body heat. Moreover, regular mattresses are not entirely breathable and instead just reflect your body heat back towards you which merely contributes to the problem.

So, why not upgrade your mattress to something more breathable and well ventilated? We’ve got your fix! The WHISPER mattress is just the pick for you. Their open cell adaptive foam is what makes the mattress completely breathable to drive out all the excess heat and sweat, while still providing the contouring benefits of a highly adaptive foam. WHISPER’s thermoregulating fabric helps you stay cool at night by regulating temperatures to both retain and release heat as needed. Upgrading to WHISPER does more than just keep you cool, with its anti-bacterial properties, removable and washable fabric covers and completely free of glue design, it ensures that even if you forget to switch the AC on at night and do end up sweating a bit, your mattress will remain odor-free and as clean as the day you bought it.

Sleep on it how you like, with its DNA core, the WHISPER mattress lets you choose whether you prefer a soft or firm comfort setting, so you get to choose what fits you best. The bigger ones even have two DNA cores inside, just in case you and your partner have different sleep comfort preferences. Not to forget, on top of the DNA core is the Quantum Foam that helps improve blood circulation and cradles any pressure points for a sleep you won’t forget.

6. Cooling pillows, gels, etc.

If you got some extra time on your hands, go and reach out for some of these. Cooling pillows, which are made with similar technology such as in the WHISPER mattress, draw excess heat out from your head and neck to reduce the bothersome heat and sweat. Cooling gels can also be of great help and can be found at local pharmacies. They can be beneficial when applied to the areas that get the sweatiest during the night. Look out for other cool technologies and materials that can be found in your local pharmacies, department stores, or even prescribed by your family doctor.

If you have tried most of the tips listed above (Except for WHISPER, of course, you have to try it out!), and you haven’t had much luck, it is always most advisable to visit your local doctor if your night sweats remain constant and unbearable. Otherwise, it is always a great idea to follow up on some of the tips listed, starting with questioning your mattress and pillow choice!