When Sleep Comes in Different Sizes

Ever wanted to feel like you are sleeping in an infinite bed where you can roll about and spread out as much as you like? Well, we can’t have it all but we can certainly choose what’s best for us! The size of your mattress can play a pivotal role when it comes to overcoming certain sleep obstacles that you face on a nightly basis. It’s not all about the firmness or softness of your mattress or the material it is made out of, but a comfortable sleep also consists of having the right mattress size.

It’s not uncommon to feel sleepless due to sleep discomfort. If your mattress is too small and you find yourself fighting with your partner, restless and fidgety, or you’re annoyed by how your feet keep dangling off the bed, it is time to get a bigger mattress. However, bigger mattresses are not always convenient as it might be a hassle to find the correct size for your sheets and covers. On the other hand, a small mattress is not always a proper choice, especially if your child has a habit of falling off the bed at night! Let’s discover the different factors we should be taking into account when it comes to the size of our mattress:

Your Mattress Checklist:

There’s quite a lot to take into account when choosing your next mattress, and size might be one of the easier things to decide in comparison to the other details such as the firmness or type of mattress. It is rather easy to decide on, but don’t underestimate its power for good quality sleep. Rather, take some time to consider all the options before making the final decision.

1. Spaciousness

We might not all adopt the starfish sleeping position while sleeping but nonetheless, the room to move is the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing your mattress size. After deciding if you want the bed to fill up most of your bedroom or you want to keep some space for a dresser, bookshelf, etc., decide on your sleep style. As mentioned previously, restless sleepers are known to keep the other partner up at night so in this case, a bigger mattress to reduce motion transfer is key. If your child is prone to falling off the bed due to heavy dreaming or simply being restless as well, for his/her safety you might want to go for a double sized bed and not a regular single.

2. Who’s in the bed?

Children grow up incredibly fast and in no time, they’ll be needing a bigger mattress. It’s often economical to choose a size or two bigger for your child to save up on some of the extra cost and hassle that come with purchasing a new mattress. If you’re buying a bed as a couple, consider how much space you both prefer. Fidgety partners might prefer a king size, where as a couple who are both peaceful and solid sleepers might go for a queen-size mattress.

3. Comfort

Consider what simply floats your boat! You don’t necessarily have to be a restless sleeper to like a bit of extra space, even if you are sleeping alone. Consider aspects such as your height to know the perfect mattress to keep your legs tucked in, or maybe the sleeping position you adopt. For a comfortable sleep, your whole body should stay within the boundaries of the mattress. If you like being curled up on your side then you probably wouldn’t mind a single bed, whereas someone sleeping like a starfish definitely needs all the extra space he or she could get!

4. Bed Covers

Don’t forget to keep in mind the dimensions of your mattress as it isn’t always easy to find fitted sheets and covers for all sizes. It’s always easiest to get the standardly sized bedsheets so going for an unusually sized or heightened mattress might be a cause of stress and extra cash that might need to be spent. As much as possible try to opt for a mattress height of no more than 28cm so most regular fitted sheets can fit with no difficulty.

The Right Mattress for You

We all know the standard sizes: single, double, queen and king size! Well, what if I let you in on a little secret and told you that the perfect sleep you’ve been looking for can be found in all sizes?

Check out the WHISPER mattress to find out about what I’m talking about! The mattress that is made just for you and your convenience as it is not taller than 28cm; all mattresses higher than that would need custom sized sheets which can be a great pain to find! In addition to the optimal height, the WHISPER mattress works on all surfaces; be it slated, solid box, box spring or an adjustable frame!

The best feature to help ease your mattress decision-making process would be the highly sensitive and responsive Quantum Foam it is made out of which ensures low motion transfer from your partner’s restless movement to ensure you get a blissful undisturbed sleep all night long!

Available in sizes: (90 x 200) (100 x 200) (140 x 200) (160 x 200) (180 x 200) (200 x 200)

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