Types of Pillows to Buy for People with Neck Pain

If you have noticed that your neck hurts or is stiff after waking up in the morning, your pillow might be responsible. The thing about pillows is that you need the right one to best accommodate the way that you sleep so that you can rest comfortably and with no complications the next day.

Your neck has a great range of motion, being able to move to turn or tilt your head. However, this makes your neck at risk of getting injured. Truth be told, the vertebrae that’s inside your neck happen to be the thinnest that makes up your spine, yet it’s capable of supporting the head which weighs as much as a bowling ball. If your neck isn’t rested when you are, there is so much that can go wrong when you are in bed.

There are many kinds of pillows that manufacturers make to support one of the multiple types of sleepers, and there is even a pillow used specifically for neck pain.

For People with Neck Pain

A cervical pillow is what you will find to treat and prevent neck pain from occurring as you sleep. This type of pillow is meant to keep your spine aligned properly while you are sleeping. Cervical pillows adhere to your body structure, just like ergonomic chairs for working at the office. These pillows come in varying shapes and materials, so it’s hard to identify one just based on its appearance.

For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers are the most common type of sleeper. When you sleep on your side, your spine has a good chance of bending, making it an uncomfortable position to sleep in. For side sleepers, the type of pillow that will best suit them is an ergonomic pillow. Ergonomic pillows are pillows that have fillings inside that adjust as you move your head and neck. You’ll still get adequate support this way without having to reposition your body in bed. Three types of side sleeping include fetal, log, and yearner.

For Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, there are pillows you can purchase that mold to your head and neck, creating a fair amount of support so that the pillow has to work with your neck and not the other way around. Two of these pillows are memory foam pillows and Quantum foam pillows, though memory foam is the one that is most popular in the past. These pillows will also retain their shape and bounce back, so they will not wear out due to being used each night. Two types of back sleeping include soldiers and starfish.

For Front Sleepers

Also known as stomach sleepers, there are nowhere near as many people who sleep on their front compared to other sleeping positions, but they still have needs for the ways that they sleep. Sleeping on the stomach doesn’t only put pressure on the person’s neck, but also their back. Front sleepers have their neck twisted to the side so they can breathe, and will have their back arched, making for a position that sounds far too unimaginable to be comfortable. But if you are one of these people, you won’t necessarily need a replacement pillow, but an extra pillow that is thin that you would stomach would lay on top of so that your back can be alleviated. Freefall is the only type of stomach sleeping.


Certain pillows work best for you depending on how you sleep. There is also a cervical pillow made for sleepers who commonly experience neck pain in bed. Choose your pillow accordingly for the best sleep.