The Negative Impact of Electromagentic Waves (EMF) on Your Sleep and Health!

We live in a generation where if something is not put up on social media, it basically never happened. We waste a moment by experiencing it through the lens of our smartphone camera rather than putting away the phone to watch the marvels of the world happen in front of our own eyes. We can’t deny that technology has massively eased tasks and means of communication to overcome barriers and enhance globalization to the rate at which we see it happening all around us today. However, all these electronics and technologies do have adverse effects. Have you ever thought what kind of harmful impact they have on our health or lifestyle? You’d be surprised how even in the smallest ways, eliminating technology in some cases, or only for some periods of time, can improve our quality of life.

Electronic devices emit something known as Electromagnetic Waves (EMF waves). These waves are ever useful in terms of how they enable speedy and real time transfer of information but the hidden side effects are not always seen or felt which can cause a certain number of health concerns over time. You might want to completely switch off your phone at night rather than switching it to silent mode, or even better, take that TV out of your bedroom and let your brain signals put you to sleep at peace without any interference and watch how your quality of sleep can massively improve.

How exactly do these waves affect us?

We aren’t speaking about the serene sound of waves crashing on the shore but the harmful, silent waves that make no sound but whose impact can be heard loud and clear over time. So, how exactly can these electromagnetic waves (EMFs) affect our day to day tasks and even our sleep?

EMFs equate to harmful radiation that may seem very “alien” like to our body. Our bodies don’t understand these types of signals and can, therefore, accumulate stress and even decrease immunity, making you more vulnerability to disease. Some of the short-term effects of EMF waves can appear in forms of occasional headaches, nausea and even small periods of hearing loss among people. Their intensity can vary according to the amount of exposure you get to this radiation on a daily basis. You might have also heard the talk regarding how it is highly discouraged for men or women to place laptops on their laps. The reasoning behind this could be one of the long terms effects of radiation that have been scientifically proven. Radiation can reduce sperm count in men and alter the environment in women’s reproductive systems resulting in infertility. Brain tumors and cancer have also been reported in very extreme cases.

It is highly advised to discourage children specifically from high exposure to electronics and other technological devices as the thickness of their skulls is lower than a fully grown adult’s which allows the waves to easily interfere. Parents are advised to carefully monitor the use of gadgets. Not to forget, the World Health Organization has conducted numerous studies to further prove that cellphone radiation is possibly carcinogenic.

You are probably eager to read about the real link between EMFs and sleep? Well, let’s get straight into it. Electromagnetic devices emit a form of non-ionizing EMFs on body tissue if we are near them as we sleep. These harmful radiations disrupt our sleep patterns due to interferences in our brain waves and immune system as well. Furthermore, the blue light that is lit up from every device or gadget has been researched and shown to potentially slow down the production of melatonin which is the hormone responsible for controlling our sleep cycle. Try to avoid scrolling through your social media feed late at night before you sleep, otherwise, the blue light will keep reducing melatonin resulting in a more stressful sleep.

It’s sad but true! Wi-Fi can be one of the main contributors to electromagnetic radiation in your surroundings, even if you aren’t using it. TVs, stereos, microwaves, air conditioners, and more can be other main sources of the harmful radiations in the environment. You might love falling asleep to watching your favorite series on TV but beware of this habit as studies have also proved a link between sleeping with your TV on and levels of depression. Leaving these devices and other electronics on the side, people of the 21st century still find it difficult to reach that deep level of wanted sleep which leads to poor moods when we are awake.

How do you break free of the waves?

It’s no breaking news. We undoubtedly have to limit our usage of electronics and in time of no use, switch them off! If it’s not possible to switch them off, then try to keep them at a fair distance, especially from your bed. It’s understandable that it has become a habit in the digital world we live in and within the social media age with millennials running around controlling the social media platforms. Don’t give in to the social pressure and allocate specific hours each day for electronic use for yourself and more preferably, your children.

At night, it is highly encouraged to switch off the Wi-Fi, your bedroom TV, and cell phones to furthermore allow your body to get the peaceful sleep it deserves. Limiting the EMF waves that disrupt your sleep hormones and interfere in our brain waves allows us to achieve the deep level of sleep we all crave in our hectic and jampacked lives. Remember to never keep your laptops on your lap for a long period of time and avoid Bluetooth headsets whenever possible and use the speakerphone instead.

To protect your precious and much needed sleep, keep as many EMFs away from the bedroom as possible! We spend a lot of time there and all that radiation can be the main cause of your sleep disturbance. In terms of blocking EMF waves for a more blissful sleep, we’ve got a surprise for you! Ever heard of a mattress that can potentially be the cure to all your sleep pains? WHISPER’s got it!

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