What Are the Types of Mattresses and Which is Right for You

Nowadays in the eventful and strenuous life we live, nothing is more precious and chased after than sleep. Unfortunately, when we do get that wonderful opportunity to score some well-deserved rest, it may not go as planned due to different reasons. You may have woken up at least a few times in your life with a backache from a wrong sleeping position you unintentionally caved into all night long, or it was simply the stiffness or intense heat of your mattress.

It has probably never crossed your mind, but have you ever wondered about the extent of which the surface you sleep on each night can affect your quality of sleep, and ultimately your performance and mood throughout your day? Yes! Your choice of mattress can be a great influence when it comes to your quality and quantity of sleep. That alluring large piece of heaven you yearn for each minute at work can do wonders for your sleep and health altogether; if the right mattress is carefully picked and personalized to match your sleep style. Otherwise, it can be the reason of unknown pains and restless nights with multiple episodes of night sweats!

You might have got your mattress back at home from your local department store or the nearest low-cost furniture store at a very economical price, but have you thought of the price you pay in terms of your health and comfort for such a “good buy”? The main two types of mattresses that can be found are usually foam or spring mattresses. Both mattresses can be somewhat decent depending on what you look for to perfect that blissful sleep. However, be assured that both types of mattresses do come with a great number of cons.

Take a look at the flip side of your mattress!

Memory foam mattresses seem to be the more popular option between the two due to its durability and body support it provides. But don’t be fooled! Memory foam mattresses are the number one culprit when it comes to excessive sweating at night. The mattress contours to the shape of your body for a “cuddle” that you might end up regretting when it gets too hot at night causing great discomfort for sleepers, especially those who do suffer greatly from hot flashes. It offers support in terms of adjusting to your body shape due to its flexible nature, but this might be a big negative for those who prefer a firm surface to sleep on and this leads to a lower back support problem. Not to forget, the traditional memory foam mattresses are known to have a number of chemicals involved in its manufacture, hence certain odors can be rather off-putting. As it is also difficult to clean, odors from drink or food spills on the bed can create an odor and hygiene issue in the long run.

Even though they are the firmer alternative, spring mattresses are not any better! They might not retain body heat like foam mattresses do, but they have big issues when it comes to motion transfer. Often, spring mattresses enable any movement to be to be felt all over the bed and this could be particularly disturbing when sleeping next to a partner. Furthermore, spring mattresses are known to wear out quickly and start to bulge in, making them a poor investment as they have to be replaced quite often due to their short lifespan. A big disadvantage of a spring mattress is definitely the uneven body weight distribution. As the springs support various pressure points around the body, this can cause spine or joint problems as the coils in the mattress simply push weight back on the same pressure points. Cleaning of the mattress is also an issue as dust mites tend to grow and flourish where it is difficult to reach and this often creates many allergy problems with sensitive individuals.

Feel the difference with WHISPER

We have seen the long list of cons associated with the two most popular mattresses being used today. But why not go for something that provides the best of what both mattresses have to offer? If you are tired of the bothersome and continuous night sweats and achy backs, give WHISPER a try.

The WHISPER mattress uses a layer of Quantum Foam that outdoes the traditional memory foam mattress by using adaptive open-cell foam. Quantum foam makes the mattress breathable and well ventilated, which fixes the number one concern of the typical memory foam mattress, excessive body heat being trapped, leading to unbearable night sweats. WHISPER’s thermoregulating fabric helps you stay even cooler, regulating the mattress’ temperature to perfect your deep sleep. The Quantum foam is highly responsive, improving blood circulation to your arms and legs while preventing cramps. Overcoming another concern in the other mattresses, WHISPER ‘s anti-bacterial properties, such as being completely glue free and being made out of real silver yarn that naturally ionizes to furthermore prevent bacteria growth and bad odors over time.

I know I can’t be the only one to cozy up in bed with a nice cup of tea ready to watch my favorite show, only to spill that tea all over my precious mattress. Well, good news! The soft mattress fabric can be unzipped and put in the wash to ensure a clean surface to always sleep on and to discourage unwanted odors from forming over time. And how annoying is it when you are used to flipping your regular mattress over to get a non-bulgy side? You don’t have to do that anymore with WHISPER. The WHISPER mattress contains the DNA core, meaning one side is firm and the other is soft, one to suit whatever your sleep needs are. The larger sizes even have two DNA cores, so each sleeping partner can choose soft or firm for themselves independently of one another!

WHISPER can never disappoint. Who would have thought it can get any better? It certainly does! Living in the technological age, you must have at least 3 electronic devices in your room. Cellphones, laptops, and other electronics emit harmful electromagnetic waves which may interfere with your sleep patterns due to brain frequency interference. WHISPER provides a technology known as the Silver Shield. A grounding cable which is attached to your mattress creates a protective barrier to prevent electromagnetic waves from entering your bed.

Yes, sure you might be emotionally (maybe physically, too!) attached to your mattress and find it hard to let go as you’ve gotten too comfortable. Well, great sleep happens when you step out of your comfort zone! Try out WHISPER and feel the difference today, you’ll definitely thank us for the journey of wonderful sleep that we have set you out on. And if you don’t like it (but you definitely will,) we offer a 100-night risk-free trial, meaning you can return it with no questions asked.